What We Provide

  • Comfortable beds, each with a pillow, and blankets or doona;
  • Food storage spaces in cupboards, refrigerators and freezer;
  • Breakfast cereals, muesli, rolled oats, bread, margarine, and a variety of spreads;
  • Milk, tea, and some coffee.  We have two coffee machines. One of these uses Nespresso pods.
  • Some cooking spices, flour oils, sugar, condiments, vinegar and sauces.


You will need to bring

  • Food and beverages for lunches and dinners.
  • Sheets & pillowcases, towel, personal toiletries, and don't forget the sunscreen.
  • Each bed has a pillow and two warm blankets or a doona - so there's no need to bring these.
  • A bird and animal proof esky is handy for storing extra food and drink outside in Nature's refrigerator.
  • Soft footwear for inside The Lodge.


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